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Hello Goodbye: Visit Korea With This Sweet Story

The Idea: Abi is a sailor who works in the foreign ship. Someday he got a heart attack and the captain decide to send Abi to near hospital. Busan is the near city from the ship, so the captain take Abi to there because he really needs to go to the hospital. On their way […]

Wont Back Down: How Hard To Be A (GOOD) Parents!

The Idea: Two moms who fight for their child because they think the school failed with their system and education. One mom is a teacher and the other is a a single mother who has triple jobs. With this two different backgrounds, did they make the school realize there is something wrong with their system? […]

Trailer of 5 CM: IT Will Smash You!!

  Based from the best seller novel 5 cm, the movie is all about 5 best friends for 7 years. And for the moment they feel so boring about their life and for some reason, the crazy brilliant idea just come out. They decide to will not see each other like 3 months. What happen […]

Jakarta Hati: When The Big City Show His Heart

The Idea: The movies who has a six story inside it. They have a same similarity that told us even the big city is full of crap and mostly individual, but inside it still have a bitter beautiful love story who can inspire you. We’re Crazy About: All the cast is totally OUTSTANDING. The angle side is […]

Seven Psychopaths: The Proof They ‘Kill’ All Movie Admire

If you do like SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS, you are not alone, here is some highlights of the review that SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS has been getting in the US and the rest of the world “What movie junkie out there wouldn’t leap at the chance to see merry pranksters such as Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell and Woody Harrelson […]

Paranormal Activity 4: Good But (Still) Boring

  The Idea: After missing a several years, Hunter and Katie is back. Live in a new neighbourhood and make a new identity, they make a new terror. Unfortunately for Alex and her family who lives next door, they must face their biggest nightmare. Will Alex can save her family from Hunter or Katie? Or they […]

Seven Psychopaths: A Movie Inside The Movie

  The Idea: Marty is a movie writer and he must finish his screenplay called “Seven Psychopaths” . Unfortunately, Marty get stuck and have no inspiration at all. So Billy, Marty’s best friend is trying to help him to finish the screenplay. But Billy has uncool job with Hans, who steal the dogs and will […]