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Jakarta Hati: When The Big City Show His Heart


The Idea: The movies who has a six story inside it. They have a same similarity that told us even the big city is full of crap and mostly individual, but inside it still have a bitter beautiful love story who can inspire you.

We’re Crazy About:

  1. All the cast is totally OUTSTANDING.
  2. The angle side is nice.
  3. The script is brilliant.
  4. The instrument music in the film is quite good
  5. The tone of the colour is nice.

We’re Confuse About:

  1. For a good Indonesian movie like this, they don’t make any budgeting for the promo. It’s so embarrassing.

The Whole Point: For you guys who don’t speak bahasa, don’t worry because they put english subtitle for this movie. But overall the movie is DAMN GOOD and it’s a very big step fro Indonesia movie to create a movie like this. So awesome!

Last Message: Salman Aristo which is a writer also the director is the person that you can’t doubt about his intelligence. The project that he made including:

So you still doubt about the quality this movie after you see what he made off?


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