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Hello Goodbye: Visit Korea With This Sweet Story


The Idea: Abi is a sailor who works in the foreign ship. Someday he got a heart attack and the captain decide to send Abi to near hospital. Busan is the near city from the ship, so the captain take Abi to there because he really needs to go to the hospital. On their way to Busan, the captain call Indonesia Embassy to pick up Abi at Busan port. Indonesia Embassy finally send Indah to accompany Abi at the hospital while he gather more information him. So what will happen next about this two stranger talk about their ego, dreams, and faith. Will they got a big fight or they complicate each other in the strange way?

We’re Crazy About:

  1. They choose the location at Busan and America for this movie, what a huge step for Indonesia movie.
  2. They have a perfect angle and colors for this movie.
  3. They show us what a beautiful view from Busan.
  4. A good script specially the dialog between Abi and Indah.
  5. They have Eru as cameo also sing the soundtrack for this movie.

We’re Confuse About:

  1. The plot is too slow, so for some people it will become a boring movie.

The Whole Point: For Indonesia movie, Hello Goodbye is a very lovely movie. It’s out of the box but this movie will give something fun. It’s not because of the stars which is Rio Dewanto and Atiqah Hasiholan. The idea is quite brilliant and this movie is totally teach us about how to survive in this world. A simple thing can make a whole different. Nice point isn’t it?

Last Message: Not only K-POP take over the world, but Korea also. This movie is a proof that Korea is already become everyone sweetheart. FYI, Hello goodbye make a world premier at Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) . We don’t recommend you to watch this movie when your happy, but watch this movie when sad or unhappy. I bet this movie wll bring back your smile.


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