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Cinta Tapi Beda: Between Love & Prestige

The Idea: Cahyo is a good Moslem and Diana also a good Catholic. They have a great days together, and suddenly they become a great couple. But when they want to get more seriously about their relationship, they must face a big problem. Their religion. It seems so simple but no in here, not in […]

Silent Hill Revelation: Creepy Sensation on 3D

The Idea: Heather Mason celebration her new age, 18. But the good day turn to be disaster when her dad, Christopher Da Silva disappear. She knows that she must back to the Silent Hill to find her dad. But if she go there, she will never come back again. So what will she choose? Her life […]

The Man With The Iron Fists: Childhood Fantasy Come True

The Idea: The local blacksmith forges the weapons fall in love with one Chinese prostitutes. But the town is not save because some criminals try to stole emperor’s gold who passing through the city. Not only them who wants the gold, many an invisible enemy who wants it. So what will happen next to the people and the town? […]

The Hobbit: The Origin Story of The Legendary Movie

  The Idea: Bilbo Baggins is only an ordinary hobbit who really enjoy with his life at Shire. Until he meet Gandalf, his life become upside down. He got the incredible adventure that everyone adores. The story not only about the evil ring, but it’s all about to take back the homeland and the origin story […]

5 CM: Friendship, Love, and Indonesia

  The Idea: Five best friends just got boring with their life and activity. They decide to separate for 3 months, with no contact at all. After 3 months past away, they meet again for incredible journey who changes them and teach them about friendship, sacrifice, and love.   We’re Crazy About: The script is great. The […]

Red Dawn: Another America Nationalism Movie

Idea: A little town call Spokane at Washington, suddenly just got attack from North Korea. The nightmare just come too quick for the people who live there. A group of young people can   escape from that horrible accident. After they got their brave and confident, they ready for payback time.   We’re Crazy About: […]

Life of Pi: Take A (Risky) Journey To Know Yourself Better

The Idea: Pi is a boy who trap in a lifeboat with Richard Parker which is a lion. After he lost his whole family, now he must survive in the middle of the of no where. Will he able to back in the real world or he find a a happiness in his suffering? We’re Crazy About: […]