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5 CM: Friendship, Love, and Indonesia



The Idea: Five best friends just got boring with their life and activity. They decide to separate for 3 months, with no contact at all. After 3 months past away, they meet again for incredible journey who changes them and teach them about friendship, sacrifice, and love.


We’re Crazy About:

  1. The script is great.
  2. The director, Rizal Mantovani is totally struggling to get the best angle of this movie. Guess what? He did it.
  3. Actors and Actress is able to appreciate the role very well.
  4. Indonesia has a many beautiful and awesome views that almost forget from the people nowadays!!
  5. Nidji makes a good music to support this movie. Brilliant!


We’re Confuse About:

  1. They eliminated the drama from the book, a lil bit much. Kinda pity!


The Whole Point: As Indonesia movie, this movie is a master piece of the year. This movie will smash you, until you have no words to say. And somehow you will proud to be Indonesian people.


Last Message: We recommended you to watch with your best friends, because this movie is dedicated to to the person who view friendship as something valuable in their life. Happy watching buddy!


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