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Silent Hill Revelation: Creepy Sensation on 3D


The Idea: Heather Mason celebration her new age, 18. But the good day turn to be disaster when her dad, Christopher Da Silva disappear. She knows that she must back to the Silent Hill to find her dad. But if she go there, she will never come back again. So what will she choose? Her life or her dad?

We’re Crazy About:

  1. The 3D effect is nice.
  2. The story is so dark and the creatures is brilliant.
  3. For the game movie, this movie has a good story. Slow but full of tense.
  4. The girl is act like a normal person, so you will see the action scene is natural.

We’re Confuse About:

  1. The plot is so video games.

The Whole Point: You will see this movie is not a commercial something. They try to keep the authenticity of the video games. This is what makes this film so interesting and different. You will see “the same” Silent Hill like the video games. Nice job isn’t it?


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