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The Man With The Iron Fists: Childhood Fantasy Come True


The Idea: The local blacksmith forges the weapons fall in love with one Chinese prostitutes. But the town is not save because some criminals try to stole emperor’s gold who passing through the city. Not only them who wants the gold, many an invisible enemy who wants it. So what will happen next to the people and the town? Will they survive or suffering from an uncertain situation?

We’re Crazy About:

  1. The main cast play well for this movie.
  2. Yes the brutality is presented can make you amazed.
  3. The music in this movie is nice.

We’re Confuse About:

  1. Rick Yune didn’t give his best performance.
  2. The movie it’s  so idealist, that’s why kinda “unique”.

The Whole Point: For idealist movie, The Man With The Iron Fists make a good start. You want to know how to enjoy this movie a lot, we recommend you to forget all about the commercial things. After that you will see how wonderful this movie was. Enjoy!!

Last Message: This movie is like a boy fantasy. We think everyone experienced the same thing.So don’t be weird to see this movie. Because it’s totally same with the dream about heroes and evil in our childhood.


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