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Cinta Tapi Beda: Between Love & Prestige


The Idea: Cahyo is a good Moslem and Diana also a good Catholic. They have a great days together, and suddenly they become a great couple. But when they want to get more seriously about their relationship, they must face a big problem. Their religion. It seems so simple but no in here, not in  indonesia. When majority met minority, the problem is not only love and the family. But it’s more than that, it’s a doomsday.

We’re Crazy About:

  1. The actors and the actress play well in this movie. It’s a great cast in indonesia movie of the year.
  2. The angle of the view look simple, elegant, and brilliant.
  3. The story so simple, but have a very deep message to the audience. Also the dialogue is “sparkling”.
  4. The cameo also make a good role in here, like Hanung Bramantyo, Hudson, and of course the beautiful girl, Ratu Felisha.
  5. Commune Cafe also make a good spot in here. Nice job for commune also Hanung for the lovely spot.

We’re Confuse About:

  1. For the brilliant movie like this, the poster and the movie name is not happening like the movie.

The Whole Point: Hanung Bramantyo make this movie so brilliant than Ayat-ayat Cinta. Even if this movie not make a box office, for us this movie make a good zephyr in Indonesia also to the world. This movie has the point to let you think before judging the people. And it’s delivered so perfect and nice to the audience.

Last Message:This story does happen many a times in Indonesia until today. But If you guys not Indonesian and think that a different religion does NOT matter to you specially in relationship. You guys must SEE this movie to thankful and great full that your not become the part of the complicated country like in Indonesia. But the good thing is you will see how romantic and sweet sorrow. To know how strong also perfect this couple to survive and get the recognition from the people around them. And we called it “The Power of Love”.


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