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3AM: Collection of Horror Stories That Exist Around You

  The Idea: This movie tells the story of three short horror stories that happen around 3 AM: The Wig: Mint and May get a job to keep the wig store owned by his parents, because their parents were out of town. One day, Mint invites his friends to play in his shop. But May did […]

Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters: A Dramatic and Surprising Changes

  The idea: Inspired by the famous fairy tale, Hansel & Gretel. This movie tells about this sister and her brother when they were growing up. In this movie they decide to be a witch hunter. So they traveling and get pay a lot from this job. But someday, they got the job who eventually have […]

Les Miserable: Broadway Show On The Big Screen

The Idea: jean Valjean is a Frenchman who steal a bread. When he was serving his sentence, Javert who was a police chief hates jean so much without no reason. Even when he was released, Javert still looking for a problem with him. But after 8 years, Jean meet with Fantine, the lady who works for his […]

Gending Sriwijaya: Fictional Story About The Kingdom Of Srivijaya

  The Idea: Three hundred years after the success of Srivijaya, there is kedatuan Bukit Jerai Jerai led by Dapunta Hyang dan Ratu Kalimanyang. They have two sons, Awang Kencana and Purnama Kelana. The king, Dapunta Hyang wants Purnama Kelana to be a king, but his brother Awang didn’t like this plan. So, Awang had planned something bad […]

The Impossible: Sweet Sacrifice

The Idea: Maria, Henry, with their 3 sons take a vacation in Phuket, Thailand. But in December 2004, Tsunami just come hit southeast asia region. This disaster come without warning, so this family get separate from the other. Will they survive from this nightmare? We’re Crazy About: Naomi Watts and Tom Holland give their very very […]

Countdown: An Afterthought At The Beginning Of The New Year

  The Idea: Three teenagers want to celebrate their new year with a drugs. So they call Jesus who is a drug dealer. At first, all goes according to what was planned. Until the end Jesus showed his true character. And this is where the terror of the new year begins. We’re Crazy About: The cast […]

Demi Ucok: (Un)Prefect Mix between Idealistic & Commercial

  The Idea: Glo who has a big dreams to make a her 2nd movie. But she must face a big problem, her mom. Mak Gondut has a big dream which is wait and see her daughter get married with Batak guy. So what Glo choose for her future, her mom or her future?   […]