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Demi Ucok: (Un)Prefect Mix between Idealistic & Commercial



The Idea: Glo who has a big dreams to make a her 2nd movie. But she must face a big problem, her mom. Mak Gondut has a big dream which is wait and see her daughter get married with Batak guy. So what Glo choose for her future, her mom or her future?


We’re Crazy About: 

  1. Mak Gondut is totally brilliant in here, even she new but she play so well. I don’t know why the supporting actors/actress give a big impression to the audience. They play so well.
  2. 10.000 co-producer is a such a big thing and outstanding ideas. FYI, Jokowi and Ahok also become a co-producer in here. Nice job!
  3. They got a fresh marketing to promote this movie. And this unique way it’s totally works 110%.
  4. They have a great poster for the movie. Fresh and sparkling!!


We’re Confuse About:

  1. They got a horrible script, no point at all in this movie. SOmetimes they use a dialog to reminds us about cin(t)a. I mean c’mon this not cin(t)a, its demi ucok!!!
  2. If you see detail, you will see the editing (perhaps when they rendering the video) is not good enough.
  3. The big casts like Sunny Soon, Saira Jihan, and Geraldine Sianturi not giving contribute at all.


The Whole Point: This movie comes with a fresh ideas and good marketing, but kinda sad they got no point at all for this movie. Let’s say they want to be iIdealistic but in some how they want put something commercial in this movie too. Guess what? it didn’t work at all. So don’t expect to much for this movie.


Last Message: If you want something more than cin(t)a, we think u will be so disappointed. Cin(ta) is masterpiece, but not Demi Ucok. So we recommend you if you want to see a smart movie like cinta, better forget abut this movie. But if you want to see something fresh, yes totally we recommend too watch Demi Ucok.


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