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Countdown: An Afterthought At The Beginning Of The New Year



The Idea: Three teenagers want to celebrate their new year with a drugs. So they call Jesus who is a drug dealer. At first, all goes according to what was planned. Until the end Jesus showed his true character. And this is where the terror of the new year begins.

We’re Crazy About:

  1. The cast is totally great, specially Jarinporn Junkiet, Pataraya Krueasuwansiri, and David Asavanond.
  2. The story kinda unique and brilliant, they have a good moral message in here.
  3. The terror is quite good. Not  only provided a fantastic tension, but can present a perfect horror.
  4. The poster, make up and the effect is outstanding!

We’re Confuse About:

  1. The white balance of this movie sometimes not balance at all.
  2. Peach Pachara Chirativat not give the back act like in suckseed. So he play a lil bit boring in here.

The Whole Point: For the opening thai moie of this year, countdown give a big hit. This movie has mix a holywood movie “Devil” and “The Stranger”, nice but something missing because Peach didn’t give his best. But overall it this movie can make you chuckle in awe.


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