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The Impossible: Sweet Sacrifice


The Idea: Maria, Henry, with their 3 sons take a vacation in Phuket, Thailand. But in December 2004, Tsunami just come hit southeast asia region. This disaster come without warning, so this family get separate from the other. Will they survive from this nightmare?

We’re Crazy About:

  1. Naomi Watts and Tom Holland give their very very best for this movie. It was stunning!!
  2. Juan Antonio Bayona bring his “touch” to this movie and we glad he made it so well.
  3. The script is so detail and can bring your emotion upside down. We should thanks to Sergio G Sanchez and Maria Belon for this amazing story.
  4. The make up, editing, and the location is very OUTSTANDING!!
  5. The actors/actress who support this movie play so emotional and good, specially Thai actors/actress.
  6. Based on true story and so inspiring!!
  7. The poster is nice also.

We’re Confuse About:

  1. Well, Ewan Mcgregor, Samuel Joslin, and Oaklee Pendergast also bring their best. But in somecase Naomi and Tom give more drama and have a very strong emotional bond more than them. But overall they play well.

The Whole Point: This movie inspired and presents a very attractive quality acting and a strong storyline. The film was also able to portray the dark side and the light side of the tsunami disaster that had horrendous world at that time.This film is highly recommended by us for you to watch.


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