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Gending Sriwijaya: Fictional Story About The Kingdom Of Srivijaya



The Idea: Three hundred years after the success of Srivijaya, there is kedatuan Bukit Jerai Jerai led by Dapunta Hyang dan Ratu Kalimanyang. They have two sons, Awang Kencana and Purnama Kelana. The king, Dapunta Hyang wants Purnama Kelana to be a king, but his brother Awang didn’t like this plan. So, Awang had planned something bad in order to get the powers that be. So what will happen to the kingdom and the fate of its people?


We’re Crazy About: 

  1. All the cast is so fantastic, they give their best in this movie such as Agus Kuncoro, Sahrul Gunawan, Julia Perez, Mathias Muchus, Jajang C Noer, and all the supporting actors/actress in here.
  2. The make up, custom, locations, and the script is nice.
  3. For a colossal movie, this film has given the best.


We’re Confuse About:

  1. By combining this movie with animated elements, is relatively new and fun. but it seemed to make this film look “half-baked”.
  2. The fight scenes in the movie is fun, but not impressed “luxury” at all.


The Whole Point: We must proud that Indonesia has a good concept movie like this. Technically, the film is already done to the fullest. However, due to high production costs and (possibly) to pursue a short deadline then also impressed in a hurry. It is so pity because the film is able to work on more serious and will certainly result in something more maximum, like Habbie & Ainun. But overall not bad to watch this in the cinema.


Last Message: We were very surprised by Julia Perez who manages to look alluring in this movie. This further proves that he is not only an “artis infotainment”, but here she has successfully proved that she is a shining star. be ready, Jupe will smash you in here!!!


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