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Les Miserable: Broadway Show On The Big Screen


The Idea: jean Valjean is a Frenchman who steal a bread. When he was serving his sentence, Javert who was a police chief hates jean so much without no reason. Even when he was released, Javert still looking for a problem with him. But after 8 years, Jean meet with Fantine, the lady who works for his factory. He feels sorry about her and help her daughter, Cosette. this decisions brought him into a new world that he was very scared and he avoids.

We’re Crazy About:

  1. musical drama that comes with a perfect concept.
  2. All the actors and actress is flawless and creates a perfect collaboration.
  3. They have a good songs in here.
  4. They have a very nice and good about cinematography.
  5. Everything is perfect in this movie.

We’re Confuse About:

  1. Why there is a very disturbing illuminati symbols in this movie. I mean it’s fine but c’mon this is a brilliant movie, why you have put this annoying symbols in this movie?

The Whole Point: As a musical, Les Miserable capable of delivering the best. Clever concept and present a compelling story and beautiful music make this film to be very valuable to watch. We’re totally have no word to describe how good this movie was.


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