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3AM: Collection of Horror Stories That Exist Around You



The Idea: This movie tells the story of three short horror stories that happen around 3 AM:

  • The Wig: Mint and May get a job to keep the wig store owned by his parents, because their parents were out of town. One day, Mint invites his friends to play in his shop. But May did not like Mint behavior, so they argue with a superb in front of their friends. But at the same time, they also get a “guest” who was not invited inside their home. Will they notice about it?
  • The Corpse Bride: Tos choose to work to care for the body in an old house rather than working in a hospital. He was assigned to care for the bodies of two lovers who die before their wedding. Unexpectedly, Tos was falling in love with the bride. He was finally brave act of intercourse and the groom remove the bodies so he can live happily with the bride. Is this the right decision that Tos make? Would the groom willingly give his future wife to Tos easly?
  • Overtime: Karan and Tea is a boss who likes to act ignorant to their employees. Every night they always make silly jokes to their employees who are overtime. Until one day when they both had to endure their own foolish actions.


We’re Crazy About:

  1. Their use a nice effect for 3D, although it is still slightly rough look at the effect. But its a good start and a huge step for Asia movie.
  2. They have a story that is very close to the community, so that this can happen to you (or you have experienced it). 
  3. storyline is becoming more and more perfect and we were so in love with the last story. Smart!!
  4. They have a good actors/actress in here. Not just that all, they play well and entertaining.
  5. And we love the poster.


We’re Confuse About:

  1. For the second story, the flow is very slow. So you were (probably) feel bored in this section.


The Whole Point: This movie provides entertainment with a very characteristic that so Thailand. Certainly for Thailand movie fans would have been very easy to love this movie. And we emphasize once again, Overtime is a good option and a perfect climax peak to close the film. Enjoy!!!




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