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Sinister: Classy Scary Horror

  The Idea: Ellison is an author of crime novels, which he always occupied the murder victims to feel a more personal relationship with the victim. But it turned out for this one, a step which he intervenes disastrous not only for himself but also his family. We’re Crazy About: The main actor and actress play […]

The Tower: Instinct of Survival

  The Idea: Right on Christmas Eve this year held a festive opening ceremony Sky Tower. Many people come in to the party like senior officials, dignitaries, and the owners of the conglomerate luxury apartments of this building. Because in that time, snow dont come out at Korea. The owner of the building present them with the snowfall […]

Rectoverso: From Words to the Big Screen

  The Idea: This movie consists of five stories: Malaikat Juga Tahu: Abang is a man with autism who falling in love with one girl who lives in his house. But will this “unique” love can end up with sweet story? Firasat: Senja has a special gift, every premonition that he feels will happen. She decided to […]

Bait: Epic Struggle

  The Idea: Take a place at city near beach, it’s a sunny day when the people start to enjoy with their activity. But suddenly a bad accident happen, the tsunami comes attact the city without any warning. And some people can survive from the tsunami but the bad news is they get stuck at […]

Flight: From Hero To Loser

  The Idea: Captain Whittaker is a pilot who had experienced. One day he save 96 people from the plane accident. He suddenly turns to be a hero and get the spotlight from media. But something just happening, the hospital found that inside Captain Whittaker’s blood contained alcohol. What happen next? Will he still be a hero or […]

Cold War: Cold but Smart

  The Idea: Hongkong which has been known as the safe city in the world hidden many dark secrets. The story goes there was a hostage in a car containing members of the police. But every step of the rescue made, this criminals always step a head before them. Why did it happen? Is this all […]

A Good Day To Die Hard: From Hero Into A Family Man

The Idea: John McClane plans to visit his son, Jack McClane in Moskow. This holiday vacation for John turn to a big mistake. He screwed Jack’s military rescue operation. Now McClane’s family must clean up the mess they made. We’re Crazy About: Bruce Willis still (can) kiss ass in this movie. The sound system and […]