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Bait: Epic Struggle



The Idea: Take a place at city near beach, it’s a sunny day when the people start to enjoy with their activity. But suddenly a bad accident happen, the tsunami comes attact the city without any warning. And some people can survive from the tsunami but the bad news is they get stuck at the store and their must try survive from the shark that also trap in the building.


We’re Crazy About:

  1. They have a good 3D.
  2. This movie is not selling the sadistic scene but also has a good storyline.
  3. The actors and the actress play good in here.
  4. This movie produced by SIngapore and Australia. For us, they made a good movie.
  5. They made a good location to shoot this movie, kinda surprise about it.


We’re Confuse About:

  1. the 3D effect sometimes just too rough, if they make it smooth this movie will be very great.


The Whole Point: We recommend you to watch this in the 3D, because they made this film for this brilliant effect. Don’t worry about the story because they make a good one for this.Remember this is not a Hollywood movie, so don’t exacting too much about the very smooth and nice effect. But for us, its worth enough to watch it on the big screen. So enjoy it!


The Last Message: Despite only earning approximately $775,000 in its home country of Australia, Bait 3D was a sizable success overseas, making over $2 million in Italy alone. As a result of its international success, Arclight Films announced that the film will receive a sequel. So better don’t miss about the 1st sequel. 

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