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Flight: From Hero To Loser



The Idea: Captain Whittaker is a pilot who had experienced. One day he save 96 people from the plane accident. He suddenly turns to be a hero and get the spotlight from media. But something just happening, the hospital found that inside Captain Whittaker’s blood contained alcohol. What happen next? Will he still be a hero or turn to be a criminal?


We’re Crazy About:

  1. The actors and the actress play well in this movie.
  2. They have a good concept and brilliant points for the movie.
  3. It will make your emotional upside down, because they have a good script.
  4. The sound system, editing, and make up also good in here.


We’re Confuse About:

  1. We a lil bit surprise that Denzel take this movie. Because in some case he play a as a naughty guy that which is a not at all like all the character that he played before. Well he make a big move, but kinda weird.


The Whole Point: If you think this is a drama movie, we can say yes for it. But if you think that you will bring your family with your kids also, we don’t think so. In this movie has a many adults scene that your kids didn’t want to see. But despite of it all, this movie brings a very good drama. At the beginning this movie will bring you emotional, but when it’s done i’ll bet you don’t to see this movie end.



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