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Rectoverso: From Words to the Big Screen



The Idea: This movie consists of five stories:

  • Malaikat Juga Tahu: Abang is a man with autism who falling in love with one girl who lives in his house. But will this “unique” love can end up with sweet story?
  • Firasat: Senja has a special gift, every premonition that he feels will happen. She decided to join with klub Firasat which is this group is a collection of people who have a special gift like Senja. She falling in love with Panca who’s the leader of this club. But she has a bad feeling that something bad will happen to Panca. Will she able to protect Panca from the bad things?
  • Curhat buat Sahabat: Amanda meets her best friend Reggie to have a quality time with him. She share her story from a-z and Reggie listen to her very carefully. Did everything will be works fine or will they have a long night to talk heart to heart?
  • Hanya Isyarat: This is the story of five young backpackers friendship cemented from a mailing list cyberspace. They are Tano, Dali, Bayu, Raga and Al. One night, they held a contest tells the sad story of what they had and this story will change their life after their going back home. 
  • Cicak-cicak di Dinding: The story of a young and naive painter named Taja who falls in love with a free spirited socialite who named Saras. But This love story happen only at one side. So Saras decide to leave Taja. Suddenly Taja and Saras meet again not in the right time and not in the right moment. What will happen next to them?


We’re Crazy About: 

  1. Hanya Isyarat is our favorite. Everything is perfect here from A-Z! Nice job.
  2. Acha play her best for Curhat Buat Sahabat, she’s so emotional in here.
  3. Malaikat juga tahu as a vocal point in this movie, they make this nice. Good actor and actress (but not include Lukman Sardi).
  4. Beside bring her wild side, Sophie Latjuba bring a good act, so you will see one man show at Cicak – Cicak di Dinding.
  5. We love all the soundtracks in here.


We’re Confuse About:

  1. Firasat is not good enough, sometimes i’ts too boring. Many angle feels not right. Well the cast is normal but the huge mistake was make by Rachel Maryam. This is part is so “tragic”.
  2. Lukman Sardi not giving his best act. In here he just make another stereotype of autism people is annoying. He can explore the character so nice and well. His acting totally not good.
  3.  Beside Sophie Latjuba in Cicak – CIcak di Dinding, everything in this part of story is totally normal (sometimes also boring). What a pity!
  4. Indra Birowo totally not match to side by side with Acha in Cuthat Buat Sahabat. Too bad, while Acha play her best at this time but not with her sidekick. Shame on it!!


The Whole Point: From the romantic novel to the big screen, too bad they can NOT keep the value from the book. It’s totally bad, but we have a good news for you. Beside they have a lot of boring story, we still recommend you to watch this for “Hanya isyarat”, “Curhat Buat Sahabat”, and “Malaikat Juga Tahu”. This 3 parts is nice not only from the story but also the soundtracks too. So better grape the ticket as fast as you can and prepare to get mellow with this movie.





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