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The Tower: Instinct of Survival



The Idea: Right on Christmas Eve this year held a festive opening ceremony Sky Tower. Many people come in to the party like senior officials, dignitaries, and the owners of the conglomerate luxury apartments of this building. Because in that time, snow dont come out at Korea. The owner of the building present them with the snowfall handed down by helicopter surround this building. But one helicopter get a bad accident n crash the building. So it’s start the fire and make the people in this building stuck. Will all the victim can survive from the fire?


We’re Crazy About:

  1. The concept, the idea, and the story is so close with us. But they made that so personal and nice.
  2. All the actors and actress give their best performance.
  3. The make up and sound system is quite good.
  4. They have a good points in here, where this movie bring the social issue as the main topic in the movie.
  5. The details is nice and also they have a good characters are able to represent all the type of human being. 


We’re Confuse About:

  1. In the end they miss something about the location setting seems too clean from the incident.


The Whole Point: The movie is intended for people who want to do self-introspection and can be used as a light but very sad spectacle. Obviously, a lot of good points presented here, not only that social issues are clearly a very warm conversation throughout the movie.


Last Message: Famous film director Kim Ji-hoon became a byword in Korea and in other countries because in just 3 weeks, not more than 4 million viewers are keen to watch the movie genre Action-Thriller. Packaged very nicely with touches almost perfect special effects make this film to be the best film at the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013


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