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Sinister: Classy Scary Horror



The Idea: Ellison is an author of crime novels, which he always occupied the murder victims to feel a more personal relationship with the victim. But it turned out for this one, a step which he intervenes disastrous not only for himself but also his family.

We’re Crazy About:

  1. The main actor and actress play her best at this time. 
  2. The storyline, editing, and sound system is very nice and smooth but also scary!!
  3. They have a good points in here.
  4. All the victims play so well in here, guess what? We love it!!

We’re Confuse About:

  1. All the supporter actors/actress didn’t play good in here, too bad isn’t it?

The Whole Point: This movie is able to provide fresh air to the world of horror cinema that is now filled with lies. With a perfect screenplay and the support of the major players are very charming, the movie  is able to build your fear slowly. Although it comes with a supporting cast that is not too good, this movie can make the audience curious and scared. Nice Job, isn’t it?


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