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The Berlin File: Conspiracy of Intrigue


The Idea: A tense illegal arms deal in a Berlin hotel suddenly descends into mayhem after a “ghost” agent named Jong-seong appears on the scene. Secretly watching the deal go down is embattled South Koran intel-ligence chief Jin-soo, the North Koreans and the US CIA who are all left trying to decode whether the ghost is a double agent or taking the fall for a more insidious plot. Myung-soo, a young notorious North Korean agent jumps into these treacherous waters to investigate loyalties of all involved and begins to implicate Jong-seong’s wife, Jung-hee, a translator at the North Korean embassy in the German Capital. Caught between his love of country and his wife, Jong-seong must quickly prepare to make the ultimate sacrifice.  

We’re Crazy About:

  1. The concept, story, script, and sound system are totally awesome.
  2. The actors/actress play very well in here.
  3. The plot is slowly but not boring at all. 
  4. A fight scene in this movie is very suspenseful and full of action that can make you amazed.

We’re Confuse About:

  1. The angle of the camera is too “normal”, there’s nothing special about it. Even less the movie looks very stiff in terms of shooting.
  2. As an action film, The Berlin File is full of action scenes. But the movie is very unfortunate because it seems so downsize to perform a variety of scenes and explosions caused chaos in the movie.

The Whole Point: For those of  people who like movies that have a good plot and storyline backed by a good story in terms of The Berlin File will surely be a spectacle obliged to you. But as the action movies, The Berlin File does look like to highlight the idealistic than commercial. Surely this film will make you beat amazed after watching it.

Last Message:

  1. The movie was released in South Korea on January 31, 2013. It also had a limited theatrical run in 21 North American cities on February 15, 2013, including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, New York, New Orleans, Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.
  2. The Berlin File was selected as part of the 2013 Hong Kong International Film.
  3. The action blockbuster had a strong opening, drawing more than 2.8 million admissions (US$19 million) in just over a week after its release, with 1.53 million tickets sold during its first weekend alone at Korea.
  4. The film reached 5 million admissions after 14 days of release and 7 million by March 5, 2013.
  5. The film took in USD$48,146,202 at the Korean Box office.

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