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Finding Srimulat: History Meets Legend



The Idea: Fajar got some ideas to bring Srimulat back on the spotlight. So he visit all the member of Srimulat and asking them as personal to join also support his ideas. But this easy plan turn to be a nightmare, when Fajar must face the reality that he doesn’t have enough money to pay all the members of Srimulat, because his wife need a lot of money for delivery fees. So what he will choose? His paisson and dreams or his wife?


We’re Crazy About:

  1. All the the cast specially Srimulat play so well in here. Not that’s all, this movie can tell us about their history more details from the beginning until now.
  2. The script also nice specially the joke.
  3. Flashmob at the train station it will make you shock but it was nice. 


We’re Confuse About:

  1. If you realize in the middle of the movie, there are minor defects. Which audio and visual  does not works well. It’s not much but it is quite disturbing.


The Whole Point: As a legend, Srimulat can be presented back without having to pursue the commercial side. The value of Srimulat ​​can be delivered with excellent and perfect in this movie. This is what makes “Finding Srimulat” as spectacle class education not only for Indonesian people but for the world community as well.



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