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Oblivion: A Medium Rare


The Idea: An army veteran and his partner were assigned in a mission on a planet. They also run a routine without significant obstacles. Until one day he found a mystery that make him-self didn’t believe about what really happen nowadays.

We’re Crazy About:

  1. The effect and sound system are awesome like an always.
  2. Andrea Riseborough  acts really nice in this movie. She give this movie a soul of drama. Nice try!

We’re Confuse About:

  1. As a main actors, Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman didn’t give a lot of contribution to this movie.  It is unfortunate that these actors seem to only be used as a “decoration” in this movie to attract their fans. They also do not give a charming acting skills as usual.
  2. Flow of the storyline too much indulgence in the past at the beginning of the movie. So this movie has lost “the drama” things at the end of the stories. 

The Whole Point: As an action movie, Oblivion is very promising. But very unfortunate that Oblivion would also like to incorporate elements of drama, but seemed too forced. And guess what? They only made this movie for fun and make a lot of profit with Tom and Morgan as selling point without no message or points at all. This movie totally chaos  


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