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Iron Man 3: Visual Your Eyes



The Idea: Brilliant industrialist Tony Stark  faces an enemy who knows no boundaries. Tony’s personal world has been destroyed and he’s on a quest to find out who is responsible for it. He has to survive with his device and instinct to save his loved ones. 


We’re Crazy About:

  1. Pepper Pots when use iron man custom is totally so HOT!! This girl is totally on fire!
  2. Robert totally get the spotlight and more interactive in this movie. Not that all, all the supporting actor/actress play the park so nice and done well in here.
  3. The effect, sound system, angle of the camera, and the storyline also quite brilliant.
  4. Actually the 3D is nice specially when you watch it on IMAX. It’s totally two thumbs up.
  5. This movie  described of the effects after “The Avengers” so you can see how connection. Totally they have a good flow.


We’re Confuse About:

  1. Perhaps the story in iron man 3 is too simple for most people. 


The Whole Point: Well, you will not surprise if you see a good action things, a great effects, and high tech technology in this movie. This points it’s a value things that the producers want to sell to the audience. Yes, they hire a good actors/ actress to support this movie and it works.But still they didn’t give us a good story. But who cares right as long the actions can blow up your eyes?


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