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Fast and Furious 6: Real Adrenaline Rush

  The Idea: Since the last robbery, Dom and his team leave all the criminal life behind. But seems Hobbs finds a Dom for unfinished business. Well Hobbs not only bring Dom back in the business, but he brings a very good news also. He founds a proof that Letty still alive. So what happen with […]

The Great Gatsby: A Medium Rare

  The Idea: One guy name Gatsby always make a A Class party at his house. His rich, handsome, and charming, but no one really knows about him. Who is Gatsby? And why he living in the glamour life?    We’re Crazy About: The screenplay is totally awesome. Not that’s all, the story is really […]

Star Trek: Fastly Into A Heart

  The Idea: When the Enterprise crew was called home, they found an unstoppable terror force from within their organization has detonated the fleet. The world is now in crisis. With his personal score to settle, Captain Kirk led the manhunt to war zone world to capture a one man weapon of mass destruction. In a […]

The Gifted Hands: A Heroic Rescue

  The Idea: Yang Choon-Dong is a detective who rarely gets results. One day, a woman comes to the police station and reports her daughter is missing. The other detectives don’t take her case seriously, but Yang Choon-Dong believes it could be a real kidnapping case. His boss lets Yang Choon-Dong work on the case alone. Late […]

Evil Dead: Face Your Fear

  The Idea: Five friends went to a remote cabin. They discovered the Book of the Dead and unwittingly summoned up dormant demon from nearby woods. One by one they were possessed by the demon. In the end one of them is left to fight for survival.   We’re Crazy About: The effect, camera angle, make […]