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Evil Dead: Face Your Fear



The Idea: Five friends went to a remote cabin. They discovered the Book of the Dead and unwittingly summoned up dormant demon from nearby woods. One by one they were possessed by the demon. In the end one of them is left to fight for survival.


We’re Crazy About:

  1. The effect, camera angle, make up, wardrobe, and location is totally brlliant.
  2. This movie bring sadism with a very fantastic way.
  3. The act of the actors/actress is nice.
  4. Even the storyline is very simple, but they can make this movie with a very good details and not boring.
  5. Fede Alvarez make this typical B class movie looks wonderful. He totally make a good job for this movie.


We’re Confuse About:

  1. Well for some people who don’t like sadism, they will think this movie same as Saw. Because the storyline is very simple and they blow up the sadism things to this movie.


The Whole Point: As a simple spectacle, this movie is able to provide a different experience for those who watch it. They provide many violent scenes will surely test your nerve in the cinema. However laudable they are not at all incorporate elements of sex into the film like other horror movie. Evil dead is totally stand among the crown with it’s own way. Brilliant!!


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