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The Great Gatsby: A Medium Rare



The Idea: One guy name Gatsby always make a A Class party at his house. His rich, handsome, and charming, but no one really knows about him. Who is Gatsby? And why he living in the glamour life? 


We’re Crazy About:

  1. The screenplay is totally awesome. Not that’s all, the story is really nice. Baz Luhrman make this story unforgettable.
  2. All the actor and actress ( not including Tobey Maguire ) play so well in here. Plus they put Amitabh  Bachchan as a cameo. Guess what? Yes, totally his charming in here.
  3. The music, the custom, make up, dance, and the dialog is totally awesome. They put so many bling-bling things in here, but it’s not over. So you still can enjoy it. 


We’re Confuse About:

  1. Okay Tobey is play nice. But he still can’t let the image of the Spiderman leave him. Well, this is not his fault. At least he’s trying so hard to put the Spiderman behind. But it’s only 75%, but 25 % he still stuck with it. And sometimes he gave Spiderman expression in this movie. Plus as the narrator, he didn’t has a deep voice or even a good pronounce. 
  2. Baz Luhrman as a director seems so confuse where he want to bring this movie. To the classic glamour or full of modern touch. And it’s make you confuse! So you will see this movie as a medium rare.


The Whole Point: As a summer movie, The Great Gatsby it wasn’t good enough. Specially this movie head to head with Star Trek, totally like new comer kick ass the A Class actor/actress. Too bad isn’t it? But if this movie head to head with Iron Man, this movie is totally beat it. So we think this is a good movie but not our recommended. 


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