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Fast and Furious 6: Real Adrenaline Rush



The Idea: Since the last robbery, Dom and his team leave all the criminal life behind. But seems Hobbs finds a Dom for unfinished business. Well Hobbs not only bring Dom back in the business, but he brings a very good news also. He founds a proof that Letty still alive. So what happen with Letty before? And will Dom take the risk for someone who already pass away from his life?


We’re Crazy About:

  1. The music will make take your attention from the movie. They totally bring a very good music in here.
  2. All the cars is also nice, they also have a good action not only for a car. It’s totally a brilliant. Joe Taslim make this movie has a good point for fighting scenes. A drama scenes also touching. It’s totally a very good touch.
  3. Yes, they still have a good characters in here. They bring a good cast to play in here. They keep it and it works great. 


We’re Confuse About:

  1. Well don’t expect too much with the story. It’s still lame like an always. So we will not talk to much, cos we bet you know already.


The Whole Point: As a movie action, Fast and Furious 6 bring a lot of surprise. It is more nice and good than before. Well i know maybe this movie sounds too boring for the first time. But, in this part you will get surprise! Be ready!!


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