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A Weeding Invitation: A Masterpiece From Asia



The Idea:  Li Xing and He Qiao Qiao are childhood lovers, upon reaching graduation from university Li Xing proposes to Qiao Qiao. She refuses to marry him on the grounds that he is not marriage material. They come to the conclusion to make a contract that, if after 5 years they are still single they’ll get together again. Qiao Qiao fully expected Li Xing to wait for her but she receives a phone call inviting her to Li Xing’s wedding. Will she be able to get him back?


We’re Crazy About:

  1. The stoyline and the script is totally outstanding. Simple but complicated. Well after you finish to watch it you will say, ah this movie could be happen in a real life. They provide a romantic, sad, happy, and jealous moment that can be capture so smooth in this movie. No wonder this movie can make you cry or even for a reflection.
  2. They pick a right actors/actress to play n this movie. Not only they got the look but they play so damn well in this movie. No wonder this movie make a big hit in China. Totally two thumbs up for the movie. 
  3. They have a good spot and they have a good make up, decoration, custom, and everything.


We’re Confuse About:

  1. At the beginning you will say, “Oh this movie is too simple”. Yes, we admit that. But after that you have no idea how awesome this movie.


The Whole Point: As a romantic comedy from Asia, this movie is totally awesome. A Wedding Invitation brings you very good movie to watch with your friends, family, or even your lover. This movie also bring your emotion upside down. So grab your ticket fast as soon as possible and watch it on the big screen!! This movie is totally cool and awesome!



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