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Now You Can See Me: Summer Dark Horse



The Idea: An FBI agent and interpol detective track a team of illusionist as known as four hoursemen. Police think that This four hoursemen who pull off bank heists during their performances and reward their audiences with the money. Is this the part of the magic or it just a part of the show?


We’re Crazy About:

  1. Jesse Eiseberg look so stunning in here. Well he still talk to much in here like in “The Social Network”, but he transform to be a very cute guy in here. Not only him, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher, and Morgan Freeman also play really really nice in here. They make this movie so “deep”. Plus all the actors/actress who support this movie play good in here. 
  2. We love the concept, dress, make up, and the effect. It was brilliant for a summer movie and this movie It’s a dark horse, even they didn’t have a lot of promotion. They earn to have a successful in the box office like they did it now. 


We’re Confuse About: 

  1. Dave Franco played nice and outstanding. But sometimes because (we don’t know) the look or the style, he just look like Zack Effron. Unfortunately even Dave so play good in here, he didn’t get much part as one of the main actors in here. Too bad isn’t? And the bad news comes from Mark Ruffalo, He act so so and seems this character is not match with him. Yes he got the look for mystery and serious police. But he can’t express for the confuse police and it’s a nightmare.
  2. Well totally the script is brilliant but after you watch it, you will realize that something missing. That Ed Solomon and his team forget one thing, they only focus for the horseman show. But they didn’t focus with cause and the effect. They miss that but overall it’s a nice script!


The Whole Point: As the one summer movie that are not too considered as “the important” movie, Now You Can See Me is it’s totally dark horse. It was brilliant but this movie is not show off a lot like all the blockbuster summer movies. Because of that, this movie is different. This movie has the own market that untouchable from other movies. It’s make “Now You Can See Me” special, and guess what? We love it, so we keep it not in this blog but also in our mind too. 




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