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Man of Steel: The Human Side of Superhero



The Idea: A child was sent to earth from a dying planet was adopted by a couple in Kansas. Now, he’s grown into a young journalist and discovers his extraordinary powers. The hero in him must emerge to protect earth from an insidious evil.


We’re Crazy About:

  1. In previous ‘Superman’ we never see Clark as a human being. But in this movie, this superhero can show his human side that you will never expect before. This will surprise you. The script is nice and it’s 
  2. Well all the actors/actress is nice. They play brilliant in this movie. Plus Henry Canvill can change the image of ‘Superman’ from the cute guy to a real man. Yes he make this character more natural and outstanding. 
  3. We love the custom, make up, and the setting place. Well, we fall in love ‘Superman’ without his underwear. More mainly and brilliant.


We’re Confuse About: 

  1. Because they bring ‘humanity’ to this superhero movie, some people think this idea is lame and boring. But not for us, this is the perfect thing in this movie.


The Whole Point: Man of Steel bring a new zephyr to ‘Superman’ story all the time. This movie change the image of ‘Superman’ from superhero to a human being. This factor become a plus point and also a bad point to this movie. Some people think this is awesome and some don’t. Well now you pick, you want to see a superhero like a deities or you want to see a superhero with his humanity? Now the choice is in your hand. 

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