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Monster University: How The Story Goes



The Idea: This is the story about Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan meet at the 1st time. This movie explain why this two monsters can meet up and end their story become a best friend. If you a huge fans of this all monsters, make sure you watch this movie.


We’re Crazy About;

  1. If you make make a sequel movie from the blockbuster, it will be a moral burden. Cos everyone will look for the previous movie and compare it. But this movie is totally awesome like the previous. It’s outstanding. Monster University can explore and describes a relationship between Wazowski and Sullivan very well.
  2. They put many good ‘advice’ in the dialog and it fused so nice. 
  3. We fall in love with the opening. It was a lovely short movie. I’m speechless to describe  how good it is. 
  4. Well the effect is nice. We love how the 3D works lovely, We think it’s better than Superman.


We’re Confuse About:

  1. Because the story is for all age, don’t expect too much that you see anything ‘mean’ in this movie. Plus they don’t bring a complicated conflicts in this movie and make this movie seems ‘light’ for an adults.


The Whole Point: As a cartoon movie, Monster University is a brilliant. They make a good start for the beginning movie and end it with a good victory. So if you guys wonder how this two monsters meet up, i bet you will not miss this movie. Happy watching!! 


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