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War World Z: A Perfect Zombie


The Idea: United Nations employee Gerry Lane traverses the world racing with time to stop zombie pandemic that is toppling the armies and governments, threatening to decimate humanity.

We’re Crazy About:

  1. We love the reason the zombie ‘pick’ their victim. They have a reasonable reason. This is so bold. We also love the storyline which is (we think) it’s so original. Also we like how they reaction and how Gerry Lane find out the weakness part  of the zombie.
  2. Well we kinda surprise why Brad Pitt want to play in this movie, is totally not his type. But he did it! His performance in this movie is awesome. Plus you will see how he meets with his sidekick unpredictable. All the zombie cast play their role very well, they make this movie is underdog for the summer movie.
  3. We love the 3D effect it was brilliant.

We’re confuse About:

  1. Well we just wondering why at the end of the movie reminds us about Resident Evil (After you see this movie, you will know what we talk like that). Seems this movie is not confident about the ending so they like copycat from Resident Evil to make it good.

The Whole Point: For a Zombie Movie, War World Z give you a good experience and new sensation about this genre. Even they start it with a good beginning unfortunately they close this movie with a bad ending. But at least you will get a really good show around 3/4 part of this movie. So just forget about the ending and enjoy the movie!


Last Message: Because this movie has a good story and make a good box office, Paramount will extend this movie. Guess what! Brad Pitt also agree to join again to make this movie. Just wait and see how the thing is going, we will let you know for the update!


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