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Jokowi: Not “Big” Like We Think



The Idea: This is the story about Indonesian sweetheart, Jokowi. Inspiring from the best true story and inspiration also phenomenal person, this movie bring you to know him more about his childhood and his love story. 

We’re Crazy about:

  1. Well we want to thanks to K2K, who bring this movie with so much elegant and outstanding, As you know K2K produced a lot of horror porn movie like Rintihan Kuntilanak Perawan,Hantu Puncak Datang Bulan, or MR Bean Kesurupan DP. But in this movie, finally K2K make a GOOD movie ever. Thanks God!!
  2. Teuku Rifnu Wikana bring a ‘Jokowi’ style so perfect. From the way he talks, act, and the body langues too. Also many good actor/actress support and play nice and brilliant for this movie.
  3. We like how the writer describe Jokowi childhood with a good story. Many good points that can delivery to audience with very well.

We’re Confuse About:

  1. We hate the storyline. Sometimes it going so fast but sometimes it’s so slow. Seems like they not focus and confused about which part they want to be focus. So it will confusing you. Well, you’re not alone!!

The Whole Point: ‘Jokowi’ movie seems not phenomenal like the real person. If you expect a  lot from this movie, well trust us it will make you despointed. Because the storyline is so chaos sometimes it so touchy but mostly boring. But if you know K2k, you will think again to say that and i guess it was a huge step for them. For this movie, we think they make a good job. But if you want to know who is Jokowi from this movie,well just prepare a pillow. 


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