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The Heat: Laugh Till You Die



The Idea: Uptight FBI special agent Sarah Ashburn  is paired with foul-mouthed Boston police Shannon Mullins to take down a ruthless drug lord. Neither woman has ever had a partner or a friend.


We’re Crazy About: 

  1. Bullock and McCarthy make a best main actress. But not only that, all the actors/actress who support this movie even they not from A list, they gift their best performance to this movie. So it’s not only about best duo team but this is about the whole team.
  2. The story line, make up, custom, and specially the script it was brilliant. They bring a fresh humor,a smart topic to talk about, and they have a good plus funny body language.
  3. This movie is underdog, when The Lone Ranger and despicable me get the spotlight. This movie can steal that. Not with the stars, not with the story, not with the promotion, but this movie is totally present with the full of packing that we want to see. 


We’re Confuse About:

  1. For those who do not like “mean” comedy, we bet you don’t even like this movie. Because this movie is filled with insults were very rude, racist, and stupid.


The Whole Point: For you who wants to watch a funny comedy with a good elements, totally we recommend you to watch this movie. Forget about everything, you will get so laugh every 5 minutes in this movie. Plus Bullock will give you something that we bet you guys will not regret to see this movie. Happy watching!!!




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