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Red 2: Sexiness of The Old People


The Idea: Frank Moses is back in the game. Frank is currently being maligned by unknown people that he was involved in a big case. A highly confidential cases even the existence of the case was otherwise not exist. Now Frank  is now a fugitive sought by police, FBI, and CIA. Will Frank escape this time?


We’re Crazy About:

  1. All the characters are complementary, so the movie became an arena in which the characters of “killers” can be put together so perfectly. We totally love the actors/actress, let’s say Catherine Zeta Jones looks awesome. She make a good comeback in here and Byung-Hun Lee make a big hit with his action also his body too. Dont forget about Neal Mcdonough who steal the spotlight too. 
  2. The script is nice, they make a good comedy and drama in here. This two elements become a great combination because they put a situation like in a real life, so you will see this flow with naturally.
  3. We love the action. It’s more nice compared with Red 1 and somehow this movie take in a many location but they shoot it in the different angle. That’s totally cool, because seems they want explain to us that action things can happen in the neighborhood. 


We’re Confuse About:

  1. Well we confuse about the promo that seems so “quite”. Well they put a lot of stars in here, they have a great story, but seems they are scared with the other summer movies. That’s totally shame and embarrassing. 


The Whole Point: Well we love mature people with the guns in their hands, seems they’re HOT! With a good story and action, you will not regret to see how awesome this movie. 



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