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The Wolverine: Being A Human Being



The Idea: After hiding for a long time,  Wolverine must fulfill his promise to his old friend. So, he take a flight to Japan and meet him. But for the last time, Wolverine get a request from his friend to keep his grandson from the dangerous people. Not only that, the wolverine was experiencing something bad.  Super power that is in him is now starting to fade.


We’re Crazy About:

  1. The story, we love it. It almost same like in the comic. 
  2. We love all the actors/actress who support for this movie. Yes, you will see many new faces, but they give a good performance in here. So this is not one man show, trust us it’s worth it to watch it. Special apprentices from Famke Janssen is brilliant, still connected from the story! What a nice job! The make up is also brilliant!
  3. We love the real action things because it’s nice but not over. 


We’re Confuse About:

  1. Okay did we already mention that the effect is not really good? We think James Mangold realize this, so he cover it up with the real action fighting.
  2. Well if you guys not read the comic, perhaps you will say this movie is complicated and kinda boring. You expect to see the movie more light, but this movie is very better from the x-men origins: wolverine. So so much better!!


The Whole Point: We think this movie is a big step for x-men, because from the story is almost same like in the comic. So no wonder x-men fans will fall in love in this movie. But, because it’s for a commercial movie, many people want to see this, and they want a simple story. It’s not gonna happen like that way. We just want to say that is not the director fault or the script writer, is you fault. Because you not read the comic. Simple isn’t it?


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