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Elysium: Return of Superstar



The Idea: In the year 2154, the citizens of Elysium live a life of luxury which includes access to private medical machines that offer instant cures, while the citizens of the Earth struggle to survive on a daily basis. After an industrial accident, Max DeCosta has five days to get to Elysium in order to be cured. Max attempts to kidnap a rich businessman in order to steal his identity and hijack his way into Elysium. This pits him against Elysium’s Secretary Delacourt.


We’re Crazy About:

  1. The cast, specially Jodie Foster make her come back to this movie. 
  2. We love the details and the angle view of the camera. Also we love the location. The custom and the property also brilliant. They put a good effect in this movie so you will not regret it. 


We’re Confuse About:

  1. The script is like district 9 (a typical of B Movies) but this movie made the target to the segment of A Class movies because the cast.
  2. As Jodie Foster comes back, she totally choose the wrong movie. Because in this movie she stole the spotlight from Matt Damon and the writer not gave a lot of space to Jodie Foster, to shame isn’t it? 


The Whole Point: Well like we said before, this is the B class movie who wants to be A class movie. They have a good concept, but they can’t execute this movie well. But if you miss Jodie Foster, you should not miss this movie. 

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