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Last Summer: An Unforgettable Surprise


The Idea: That summer, Joy a young and upcoming actress posts a status ‘I want to die’ on her facebook. An attractive boy Singh tries to console her by taking her to the beach for the first time with her best friend Meen and Singh’s duo Garn. The night of fun becomes horror when Joy dies tragically. Her ghost follows who she loves everywhere. Joy has something to tell her lover, her best friend and her brother Ting, but no one wants to know or remember, leading to the thrilling story that shock every ex-teenager.

We’re Crazy About:

  1. The sound system is really brilliant, we love it. How the ghost surprise the audience is so unpredictable. They make paralyze you with the sounds first, after that.. Boo!! Plus the editing in this movie is brilliant!
  2. The cast is totally brilliant, they can bring the emotion to the audience.

We’re Confuse About:

  1. The storyline is simple, but in almost at the end is not clear. It has become complicated. We just wonder why that could happen, why don’t they keep the simple until the end?

The Whole Point: After you get a shock with “The Conjuring”, make sure you’re not missing “Last Summer”. We must say “Last Summer” bring a lot of surprises than “The Conjuring”. But even they can surprise a lot but the storyline is not good like “The Conjuring”. So our question will be, “Are you brave enough to watch this movie?”



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