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The Numbers Station: Unexpected Assault


The Idea: Emerson, a disgraced former black ops agent who is tasked with a job protecting Katherine, the code operator for a small CIA broadcast station. Emerson’s mission is simple: protect Katherine. When a car bomb outside the station signals an ambush, the pair is forced to take refuge in the station itself, using Emerson’s deadly combat skills as their only weapon. Under attack from a group of unknown, but lethal aggressors, Emerson and Katherine find themselves in a life-or-death struggle.

We’re Crazy About:

  1. We love the script is brilliant, confusing but have a point. It’s so complicated, but we love it. We also love the location, it’s so unusual.
  2. The cast also brilliant, what we can say about John Cusack.

We’re Confuse About:

  1. Reason why they can not attack well defined, so make the audience confused as to why the criminals are attacking them.
  2. Because they get the location mostly in dark, you can notice that too much noise in here. And sometimes the camera is not focusing and it’s kinda disturbing you while you watch this movie.
  3. Yes the movie is so good, but we feel “The Numbers Station” is too Indie. It’s not wrong, but we think it’s kinda too much.

The Whole Point: As an Indie Movie, “The Numbers Station” is brilliant. It shows you how the little budget can make a good movie. But still if you have a little budget means sacrificing a thing. It is a way of shooting that we feel too much noise in this movie, the rest of this “heavy” movie is perfect for those who like to think.


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