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4DX: Get The “Experience”



The Idea: New technology has arrived in cinema industry which brings the new experience of people watching films in cinemas. 4DX is an especially designed auditorium equipped with 4DX equipments which comprises of motion seats and environmental effect generators. These 4DX equipments create an immersive cinematic experience in perfect sync with on screen story. The audience can feel motion, fog, wind, bubble, scent effects along with a gush of air and mist of water. Where other 4D formats are generally limited to animation content and that too only for 10 to 20 minutes, 4DX screens feature length movies.


We’re Crazy About

  1. We love the motion, fog, wind, bubble, scent effects along with a gush of air and mist of water. 
  2. Because of this special “experience” that 4DX provide it will make a movie (specially who has a simple storyline or even bad) can be extraordinary. Especially if the movie had a brilliant effect, you will “feel” it and become the part of the movie. We totally love 4DX to IMAX. 


We’re Confuse About:

  1. If they put a bigger sound system in the studio, it will me more awesome!
  2. We don’t like the entrance who that has a high enough distance, it’s kinda annoying, We think the row also not shot, because if the man in front of you kinda taller, your viewpoint will get disturbing with the head of the person who sit in front of you. 


The Whole Point: 4DX totally give you “experience” to watch a movie in a different way, for the people who really wants to get this “experience” you will not regret it. But you need to pay a lot!


Last Message: 

4DX technology was created in South Korea by CGV in 2011, and it has grown ever since. 4DX has been expanded to 16 foreign countries including South Korea, China, Mexico, Thailand, Brazil, Israel, Russia, Peru, Hungary, Japan, Poland, Czech, Bulgaria, Taiwan, Colombia, Chile and Indonesia, and soon will be open in the US and UK. Currently 4DX is commercially operational at 59 locations in 17 countries across the globe.

4DX is now open in Blitzmegaplex Grand Indonesia


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