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Insidious Chapter 2: More Ripe



The Idea: After Josh Lambert back from the spirit world to save his son, every disaster seems already over. But, still there is something haunted Josh from the spirit world. Why it could be happening? Has there been any unfinished problem with the last case? Or it’s only for a beginning of the new terror?


We’re Crazy About: 

  1. We think this sequel has a good story than the previous insidious. We love how James Wan describes the reason with a very good technique. 
  2. We love the editing. Plus we also love all the actors/actress who supports this movie. I think it’s more nice and more focus. 


We’re Confuse About: 

  1. Sometimes this movie reminds us about “The Conjuring”, all the factors in here specially the settings and the angle of the camera. And the opening of this movie is just too evil dead!! 


The Whole Point: As a sequel, Insidious 2 do a good job. The movie has own value that different from the 1st part. Well we have to say this, it was a very good job. We think this movie was make not focus with the horror things, they want focus with the story line and yeah it works very well!! Nice Job, James!

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