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Violet & Daisy: When Indie Take A Lead



The Idea: The story of Daisy and her surreal and violent journey through New York City, with her volatile partner-in-crime Violet, the two young assassins face a series of opponents, including one unusually mysterious man, in a life-altering encounter.


We’re Crazy About:

  1. We love the concept. The whole concept is different, they separated and make it chapture . It’s kinda weird but we love it. It’s made this movie more detail in a weird way.  
  2. We love the acting from the cast, they don’t too much and let it flow. And somehow (again) they found the chemistry in the weird way. That’s totally awesome.
  3. They have a good point in this movie, also Geoffrey Fletchers can make a good angle in a weird way. But again, we love it.


We’re Confuse About:

  1. Well because this movie is so indie, you will get a surprise from the indie angle that this movie provides for you. Somehow you will love it so much or hate it so much too. 


The Whole Point: Yes, because it’s an indie movie we must say this to you. If you are looking for a good movie to watch it, definitely this movie is a great choice. But if you are looking for entertaining you, better skip this movie. Now the choice is in your hand? 



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