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Coming Soon: Killer Toon


From: South Korea

Duration: 104 minutes

Genre: Horror & Thriller

The Idea: Scene of a brutal crime scene. Every piece of evidence suggests this was a suicide, including CCTV footage and fingerprints on the weapon. But primary detective on the case, Ki-chul, instinctually believes that this is a case of murder. While investigating the murder of a webcomic editor-in-chief, he comes across a webcomic that predicted the murder before it took place, even down to the exact position of the body. He begins to suspect that comic artist Ji-yun is directly involved with the murder. Meanwhile, Ji-yun, who has been suffering from horrific and realistic hallucinations, adamantly claims that she was not the killer and that her webcomic was just a figment of her imagination. But when a second victim is killed exactly as drawn in the comic, she becomes the case’s primary suspect. Now she has no choice but to reveal her fatal secret to save herself and her reputation.


The Cast

  • LEE Si-young ( How to Use Guys with Secret Tips, Couples, Meet the In-laws )
  • UM Ki-joon ( Finding Mr.Destiny, Villain and Widow, Man of Vendetta )
  • HYUN Woo ( Frozen Flower )
  • MOON Ga-young ( To Sir with Love )

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