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Killer Toon: A Criminal Mind



The Idea: Webtoon artist Ji Yoon’s  career is finally taking off with the success of her new horror web-comic about ghostly grudges and gruesome deaths. But then her macabre stories start coming true in reality, the artwork mirroring the crime scenes to the dot. Ambitious detective Lee Ki Cheol  takes the case and starts investigating Ji Yoon and the terrifying secret behind her comics that foreshadow death.


We’re Crazy About: 

  1. We love the concepts of the movie who mix it between the cartoon effect and the real person. Also we love the story it’s complicated but have a point. Kim Yong-gyun as a director can describe the story well and manipulate the audience. It’s so awesome.
  2. We love all the actors/actress who supports this movie, they act well. Also we love the surprise moment that Kim Yong-gyun present in this movie. 
  3. We love the editing and the makeup, brilliant! 


We’re Confuse About: 

  1. In the middle of the movie, the story becomes so slow. Yes, it’s boring because too many details.


The Whole Point: As a horror movie, it’s brilliant! Because it’s not only surprising you with the story but also can make you think. They have a good storyline, a good effect, nice editing, and brilliant concept. We just fall in love with this movie! Perfect!



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