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The Hunger Games: The Perfect Sequel



The Idea: After becoming a winner, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark back to the real life. Because Katniss always do the things that she thinks right. Her act becomes a role model to other people outside the capital. So, many rebellions happen, many people start against the capitol. So, the capitol makes a new rule about the hunger games. What will happen to Katniss and Peeta next? 


We’re Crazy About:

  1. The cast, the director, effect, make up, costume, and the sound system is totally awesome!!! 
  2. The story even the storyline flow is outstanding.
  3. Yes they don’t play this movie in 3D!! What a good job!!


We’re Confuse About:

  1. Well so far we are not confusing at all!! =)


The Whole Point: As the sequel, this movie is very nice. We love the movie, the whole packaging. I think this is the best movie so far in 2013. 



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