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Coming Soon: 11 A.M.

From: Korea

Duration: 98 minutes

Genre: Science fiction and thriller

The Idea:

Time travel researcher Dr. Jung Woo-suk (JUNG Jae-young) receives a call from his financial backers that the funding for his research will halt soon. In order to continue the work until the last minute, he resists plea from his team, including Ji-wan (CHOI Daniel), and conducts a live experiment with his best assistant Young-eun (KIM Ok-vin). He successfully travels 24 hours into the future and arrives the following day at 11 a.m.

Everyone in the lab has disappeared, the lab is in ruin, and a surprise attack.

In just 24 hours, everything has changed.


After obtaining CCTV archive files, Woo-suk and Young-eun come back to the present time, only to find out that the files are infected with a virus. His team manages to recover portions of the archive, but they discover that their demises are captured in the CCTV feeds. As 11 a.m. approaches, the scientists die one by one exactly the same way as seen on CCTV, and the pre-determined time of the lab explosion is closing in fast. Woo-suk tries to complete his research despite Ji-wan and Young-eun’s pleas as they all approach the moment of truth…

The only witness to the accident, chase the time!

Director: KIM Hyun-seok

The Cast:

  • JUNG Jae-Young ( Moss, Castaway on The Moon )
  • CHOI Daniel ( Cyrano Agency, Traffickers)
  • KIM Ok-vin (The Front Line, Thirst )

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