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Love Sick: Love Sweet Love

The Idea: A young product presenter named Gabs who is obsessed with buying bottled tea. She’s hoping the next cap she unscrews will be the one that wins her a trip to Japan. Gabs is not someone you’d want to be queued up behind at the 7-Eleven, because she’ll have an armload of bottled teas, which will lead the clerk to mentioning a promotion on the stuff to entice her to buy even more. But this only causes Gabs to be indecisive and take up even more time in line. Gabs has gone to such a length to score that winning cap, she has even landed a boyfriend who works at the tea company and whose job it is to design those caps.

What We’re Crazy About:

  1. This movie is cheesy, but we love it. Because somehow in real life when you fall in love, you will  do anything right?
  2. We love the concept of the movie. It’s simple, but quite good.
  3. We love the location. They shot this movie in Japan, but they used the regular beautiful place in there. It’s nice.
  4. The chemistry of this main actor and actress is brilliant.

We’re Confuse About:

  1. Sometimes the storyline is slow and kinda bored.
  2. The repetition of the music and other sounds, that’s so annoying!

The Whole Point: Love Sick is brilliant, event not really fun as we think. But so far this movie can make you laugh and smile while you’re watching it. Perhaps if they made this movie with full of concept, that will be a different story. Love Sick can be very deep and hilarious, like 30+ Single On Sale,  ATM, or Hello Strangers! But unfortunately, is not. Too bad, isn’t?


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