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The Pact: Paradise of Terror



The Idea: Annie really did not want to go back to her home, although she needs to go to the funeral of her mother. She felt uncomfortable with the house, but her sister, Liz push her to stay in the house when she was in town. But before Annie arrived at the house, Liz mysteriously disappeared inside the house. What actually happens inside the house so that makes Annie reluctant to return? Are there supernatural forces in the house or there is a secret yet to be revealed?


We’re Crazy About:

  1. We love how this movie can surprise you.
  2. We love the act, the concept, and the setting of this movie, also we fall in love with the sounds system.
  3. Actually we like the script, because this movie know how to “build” the fear slowly but sure.


We’re confuse About:

  1. We don’t like the storyline because in somehow they miss about the details. This is the sucks thing from this movie!!


The Whole Point: As a thriller movie, this movie is two thumbs up. It’s creepy, scary, and full of surprise. If you want to see a good thriller movie, we totally recommended you to watch this movie!! Just be ready to get some terror!!! 


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